Kinder University - About Us

General Information

The Kinder University Family of Schools takes pride in the fact that we are family owned operated center. Our family of educators have always set the highest standards for our school in all areas.

Picture of a Kinder university classroom

Kinder University takes great pride in the following areas:

  1. Quality Educational Programs.
  2. Caring, nurturing child care settings.
  3. Staff Stability and ongoing staff development training.
  4. Safe, secure school settings, which are a top priority for our children and staff.
  5. Cleanliness, which is paramount, in Kinder University schools.
  6. We emphasize a positive, school environment to foster each child's unique, self-concept and feelings of self-worth.
  7. We encourage parent communication and emphasize an "open door policy."
  8. Lastly, we encourage our children to develop a love of school and learning that will be their positive foundation for continued education at all stages of their development.

Our hours of Operation are 6:30AM-6:00PM Monday through Friday.

"Building a Solid Foundation For Your Child's Future."