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Our childcare program is designed for children six weeks to two and a half years old. The program offers a warm and nurturing environment so that infants and toddlers can feel safe away from home. Children learn to interact with each other through play.


This program is designed for late two year olds and three year olds. It provides a chance for children to interact with others and understand how to follow directions through modeling. Arts and crafts, music and exposure to numbers, colors and shapes excite the child's desire to learn. Learning is initiated through guided play with emphasis on emotional and social development.


This program is designed for the four or five year old child. It is intended to help prepare children for their kindergarten year. Through guided activities and free play, children will be exposed to many learning activities. Colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet, listening skills and computer skills will be explored throughout their daily program.


Kinder University's private kindergarten program, which is taught by a State Certified Teacher, who is experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Our school reviews the curriculums of the area public schools from where our children would normally attend. We structure our program to reflect the skills and concepts that they set forth in their curriculum guides to insure the fact that our children make a positive and successful transition into the public or private first grade programs.

Our main goal and focus are to provide an interesting and varied kindergarten program that will stimulate and continue to develop the children's cognitive (intellectual), emotional, social, motor skills (fine and gross), language stimulation and usage, listening skills, work studies habits, reading and math readiness, a positive self image through a warm, supportive learning environment and a love of school and learning.

Our program allows for children's individual differences and rates of learning through our small class size, varied materials and close communication between home and school regarding your child's educational progress.

"Building a Solid Foundation For Your Child's Future."